My Introduction to Craft the World


One thing ExtraLife did was allow me to spend more time with my steam library, and with that I noticed “hey, I have a TON of games I have barely even played.”

One of those games is called Craft the World. When a game has mostly positive reviews, I tend to take notice. Especially when there are over 1,000 of those reviews, and the top reviewers have over 100 hours played. I’ve owned this game for quite some time now, and it is still in early access, but for whatever reason I just hadn’t played.

The game looks a lot like terraria. It’s a side scrolling game where you take control of dwarves, and have to ensure that they survive attacks from bad guys. You craft them a home, armor, food, remove resources from the world, and decorate to your hearts content (if that’s your thing). The game is a lot of ‘busy work’ especially during the first part of the game. You’re limited in how many dwarves you have, and each action you perform will net you some experience that will eventually allow you to level up and obtain another dwarf. The more dwarves you have, the more stuff gets done. You don’t technically control the individual party members, but rather you push out generic tasks (ie: chop down this tree) by clicking on it, and your minions will set off to do just that.

How you play the game is completely up to you, hence the sandbox portion. There are places to explore, but you may want to just sit tight at home, which is were all your “stuff” is (and that stuff can’t be moved, which is a bit of a shame). Of course since it’s early access there are glitches, but as time goes on more and more of the reviews posted have been positive. I did watch a few ‘lets play’ videos on youtube to see what thers were up to, mostly because for some reason the game didn’t want to recognize my structure as a structure. I’m still not sure what I did wrong, but I’m thinking the next session I play I’ll run through the campaign instead of sandbox mode (where you’re just sort of tossed into things).

All in all? A great casual way to spend some time, and it appeals to me because hey, sandbox.

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