Bridges? BRIDGES! #WurmOnline


Remember when I wrote about bridges coming to Wurm Online? Way back when, November of last year? Well, the time has finally come. It was announced that bridges will be making their way to the live game very soon (rumor has it the update is December 10th).

Excited? I sure am, especially on a server like Xanadu where everything is split up by huge bodies of water. I think this update will be fantastic, and it will make travel much easier. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of traveling lately, opting instead to work close to home on random things that need to get done, but I always get the urge to go exploring and can’t wait to see what people do with this update.

I’ve been helping a neighour build their obelisk, so far the bronze portion is done along with a handful of bricks, but it’s slow going. I don’t mind, I tend to work on it during off hours when I’m watching TV or just relaxing. Thanks to the updated craft window it’s quite easy to simply queue 4 actions and let it run its course. I have also been debating what to do about keeping my priests active, I really enjoy my Vynora priest, and I enjoy aspects of my Fo priest but don’t make as much use out of the character as the Vynora. That being said, for now both priests are active (along with my main).

There is only a small portion of undeveloped land now on my deed, it runs along the side where my mine is and behind my stables. I’ve slowly been working that land and while I’m not sure what I’ll create there yet (more housing perhaps?) it’s nice to know that it will be ready for whatever I decide to do with it. Speaking of stables, horse breeding is going well. I’m hoping I get to add more colours to the herd soon, at the moment all of my horses are grey minus two brown ones and one black. 2 speed is as high as I have gotten, but I know that will get better the more I progress my herd. It’s winter in Wurm right now, and everything is covered with a nice dusting of snow. Some players dislike this season but personally I adore it (just like in real life) – it also makes things much easier to spout on the ground.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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