When did they Add all This?!


Every so often when I’m playing Wurm Online I’ll get the sudden realization that an item or two has slipped into the game that I have never heard of before. I love these moments! I experienced it when they added seals, again when I discovered spinning wheels and sheep, and then once more this morning when I realized that they have added a great selection of decoration items to fine carpentry, as well as items to tailoring.

I have been waiting for more decoration items for quite some time and the team has done an absolutely amazing job.

Now we’re not restricted to barren castles or homes, we can add furniture, and colour! Of course in order to create these items you do need a bit of skill. My fine carpentry is 32 on my main (much higher on an alt that I am no longer using, since alts need their own subscriptions) which is a nice start but no where near the amount I need to make say a canopy bed. That puts me right in line for my next goal, working on fine carpentry. I’m busy burning all of my sleep bonus and skilling it up, slowly.

Plus, lets not forget that bridges are coming VERY soon! It’s a pretty great time to be playing Wurm.


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  1. I know it’s awesome! They tend to put out an update post each Thursday so fire up your client once a week and you’ll see it :-) I’m very pleased with all the new stuff they’ve been adding over the last year or so. Also need to work on my FC, my last grind was to make a wagon, and I still haven’t got around to that yet lol!

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