ArcheAge? ArcheAge.


What ever happened to ArcheAge? It released not even three full  months ago, and already there are far less players than when I first started out. Since I still have patron access thanks to being a beta supporter, and a friend was talking up the game over the weekend, and I actually had time to game for once, I decided why not explore once again. I had previously lost most of my desire to play when the guild I was in decided to implode due to a whole lot of drama. This time around I was starting fresh on a new server, and though I miss my old ‘mains’ (a lot, I really wish we had character transfers) at least there were some good friends around.

I’m nearing level 19 at the moment, and managed to find a spot for my small farm right away. Prices for items have skyrocketed to a degree that I would have never guessed. Just last month APEX were selling for 40 gold, those are now 200 gold. 16×16 plots of land were 300-500 gold, and those are now 1200-2000 gold depending on location. Even the 8×8 plots of land are going for huge amounts of gold, and it seems like only a small percent of the population controls the housing areas. I would still love to see all patrons be granted 1 16×16 and 1 8×8 – and then leave open spaces where people could battle for extra land. In any case, I was glad to get my small piece. I’m not sure what the chances are for me ever obtaining a 16×16 (especially not if I have to pay for it) but the 8×8 will suit me for now. Instead of picking up on a specific craft, I have just been harvesting and selling my goods on the AH. I’ve got a nice little store of coin, and I’m hoping that as I level up I can make use of that for gear and weapons.

I started out as a daggerspell, but at level 17 I decided I wasn’t really enjoying myself and I swapped over to a templar which has been my class of choice so far. I completed a few trade runs, and things are very much as they were when I stopped playing approximately a month ago (aside from the rise in prices). How long I stick things out this time will depend on a number of things (like how long my friends are around for) but I wouldn’t play at all if I didn’t have at least some fun doing it. I enjoy the world and the quests, I just don’t enjoy the mad property dash that seems to dictate every action in the game.

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