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Wurm Online is an interesting game. Every year or so a new ‘thing’ happens that causes a brief influx of characters. This is typically another server, and this year was no different except that the rules on the new server are completely different than what players are used to. The new server is called Storm, and it’s considered a “challenge” server. Skillgain on Storm goes SUPER fast, you can reach 90 in a matter of hours. It is also a pvp server, though I think the Wurm Online team constantly over estimates how many people want to play PvP.

The server gets wiped every month. You lose your village, get back the typical disband amount, and keep your character but have to start fresh (fresh stats). There’s no premium required for this server but you do have to pay the usual amount for deeds if you want to place one.

Personally, I don’t see the thrill. I made a character there and yes the skill gains are very fast, but knowing that everything will reset every month makes for very boring repetitive gameplay (for me personally). Nothing will last. Some players wanted the old servers to be fixed / changed instead of adding new servers, the PvP servers especially. Adding yet another server just thins the population on already quiet servers and doesn’t make them much fun when 90% of the game is based on player interaction (whether it’s from PvP, trade, etc). It also makes priests useless as they require almost a full month to gain priesthood and their skills are not changed (you have to pray 5x a day). I’m sure it will be fun to the small group who enjoy focused pvp, but I would be surprised if it got the turn out that the team expected.

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  1. Same here, I just see no point in this Challenge server they have introduced. For me, the joy of Wurm is slowly creating something over time – something permanent. And I just don’t see the point in the reset unless you just treat it as a PvP campaign and as I have no interest in PvP, I have no interest in this server!

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