Recent Sims 4 Updates

12-19-14_1-27 PM-3There have been a handful of great updates for the Sims 4 lately, and of course I had to check them out. Unfortunately one of the biggest problems I have (my screen going black every time I enter design mode and want to purchase an item) still has no permanent solution. I’m still able to temporarily fix this problem, but dang it gets frustrating.

A small handful of free content has been added to the game so far, mostly quality of life changes that were needed. One of the more recent updates included a bunch of career additions, along with some Christmas decor, which I was excited to get. My legacy house (pictured above) got a bit of a makeover with some snowmen, wreaths, and garland – plus a Christmas tree, of course. It’s not quite as good as the ‘seasons’ expansion from Sims 3 (there’s no actual holiday) but at least it’s something.

On the career side of things, there were some bigger changes. Your sims get PTO now, along with family leave. Even my little Emily who is still in elementary school gets to take a few days off of school if she wants (I’m not sure if that’s intended). New careers were added, such as business and athletic career tracks. Plus there were a whole lot of other changes which you can read about on the EA site here.

Excited? Yes, yes I am.

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