Xanadu Impalong

wurm.20141217.1141Once or twice a year, depending on the server, a player run event takes place called an “impalong”. Started years ago, this event brings together wurmians of all walks of life, for games, contests, community, and of course, improving items.

The basics of the event are simple. Players bring their tools and armor to a deed that has typically been built just to host such an event. You label the items with your name, and put them inside of containers like forges, where volunteers will come over the course of a few days and ‘improve’ the item, usually to a maximum of 70 quality unless you discuss the options with the individual doing the improving. The way deed and housing permissions work only those who have placed the item inside of the container, along with the imp team who are added to the guest list of the house, can remove the item – so the chances of the item going missing are relatively slim. That doesn’t mean mistakes are not made or that there are not bad people out there, you of course have to be cautious (this is wurm, after all).

I decided to attend the impalong this year, bringing with me all sorts of prizes for the organizers to give out, including a rare saw, rare 2h sword, and  a rare hatchet. I managed to gain quite a bit of skill in carpentry and blacksmithing, and made some new friends. Over all, I had a wonderful time. The event runs for three days, so if you happen to play on Xanadu and want to check it out, there’s still time.

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