Lets slay a Forest Giant


I thought I had logged in too late to participate in the Forest Giant slaying on Xanadu but it turns out I was right on time. The creature had been holed up under ground and locked away from the public until it was go-time, so we spent a few minutes gathering, a few more minutes being added to the mine door, and then we went into the mine to take the creature down. There were over 90 of us in local chat, though not quite that many were actually attacking the creature. One of the main rewards you can get is blood which can be crafted into a potion and then applied to a tool. In this case the potion is for woodcutting, which is certainly one I will make use of.

There is also a ‘giantslayer’ title associated with killing the creature, so long as you get a hit. Unlike other unique killings that I have been to, people were very eager to help out and backed off of the mob to allow others in. This ensured that everyone who was there could get credit for the kill.

The only downside was that because this is Xanadu, I had quite a hike to get to the location. First I used the /suicide command to kill myself, and respawned at one of the starter towns. I choose Summerholt because it was the closest location. Then I used karma, and summoned my corpse to me. Finally I started out on foot to the location, but a short while in I crossed through some desert, and found a handful of horses grazing, so I used one of those to ride the rest of the way. Once the event was over I used more karma and gated home. I love being able to use karma to gate and summon my corpse, but it’s a pricey adventure and not something I can do with any frequency.

Still, I had a great time. I love the decision to make uniques not as ‘unique’ and now they respawn. This gives other players the chance to partake in some very epic battles.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ahh that sounds like fun! I was lucky a couple of months ago when the Green dragon decided to spawn right next to me deed! I logged on one night to find a mass of people and boats roaming my deed. Luckily my FS was high enough for me to participate and I now have the Dragonslayer title :-) Never killed a forest giant though.

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