Trying to Embrace Dailies


I dislike dailies. They make me feel obligated to log in for a bunch of chores that are not much fun and by the time I’m done them it’s usually time to log off. Lately I’ve been trying to embrace these dailies to see if I can look past them to the rest of WoD, because the rest is pretty fun.

Yesterday PR was due to spawn on our server. This is a named encounter that can spawn in 5 locations, and has a respawn timer of 46-92 hours. All information subject to change, this is just what I overheard while sitting in the raid. I waited a few hours while I worked on a crochet project, but the creature never spawned. By the time I had logged back in later in the evening, the crowd had dispersed, the mob having finally spawned for those who were patient enough to wait around for over three days. No thanks, not my cup of tea.

This morning I’m sitting in a queue for Ashran so I can try to complete the group daily. Unfortunately the queue lasts a long time, it’s limited by your faction. 100 players from each faction get in at a time. I’m not sure how long I’ve been waiting yet, but there’s a lot of complaints about the length. In the mean time I have other chores that I can work on. I managed to raise my cooking and fishing both to 700, and have been working on other achievements. I haven’t started playing any of my alts yet, which is a surprise. Normally I’m bouncing all over and not completing anything on anyone.

So can I look past my dislike of dailies to enjoy the actual expansion? So far I’m doing alright, but whether or not it will last is another story.

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