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2015-01-13_04.50.31I decided to play around with a bit of Ancient Warfare on my home server. I’m still using IceHenge as a mod pack, and it’s still providing hours of enjoyment. I’ve also still barely even touched on most of the mods. Ancient Warfare lets you create (very delicate) NPC to do most of your basic chores. The ones I have pictured above are a fish farm and an ink sac farm. Both items are heavily used (well, food, not fish per say, but fish is easy) in the creation of ancient warfare items. Ink sacs are used for research, and fish can be cooked and turned into food for your town hall, which the NPC will wander up to when they’re hungry.

Next I’ll create some couriers to pick up the goods and drop them into a building I’ll designate for it. I’ve also created a cow farm, and have a wheat farm in the works. I haven’t learned how it all works yet, but I’m getting there slowly. There’s a lot of tutorials online, but it does require some trial and error.

I also made some barrels for storage, making things much neater. I have so far been unsuccessful in finding a Nether Fortress in order to find some blaze mobs so I can get a rod. I need two of them, one for a torch that will prevent mobs from spawning in a 64 tile radius, and a second one to create a brewing station. I did quite a bit of exploring in the nether and had a lot of fun, but without any success at finding the rod I want. Still, my little town is coming along well, and I’m excited about whatever I decide to work on next.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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