A Collection of Bad Horses

wurm.20150123.1143I was really excited when I finally hit 40 animal husbandry because that meant that I would be able to see the majority of traits that my horses could obtain. What I was less excited to discover was that a lot of my horses had been breeding with negative traits, so they passed those traits down to their offspring. I used to run a priest who could cure these negative traits, but now I run only one account, so I need to cull my herds the usual way.

I had around 30 horses in total, but after I removed those with negative traits I found myself back down to 23. This isn’t a bad number to work with, I have 8 pairs set with 7 extra females that don’t have a mate. I have my first four speed, and I’m hoping to continue to breed them. Eventually I’d like to remove the grey horses from the herd and continue on with the gold / white / black / brown versions, but right now I don’t have enough horses to be able to do that.

Bridges still have not made their way into game, which I was really looking forward to. In the meanwhile, construction on my deed continues. I have a few more fences to put up and then I want to begin creating my tailoring shop. I completed my Woodworking building, and I really enjoy having a place for everything. I’m also still working on a guard tower that I haven’t completed yet, that will probably be my next project. It’s fairly simple, just a lot of attaching and I need to create a handful of bricks and dig up more clay. Once the guard tower is complete I’ll finish off the fences that are partially done, and then the tailor shop, and after that – I’m not sure. I haven’t planned that far in advance yet. I’m glad that the work on the deed is nearing completion, and then I can focus on raising whatever skill I have interest in. Maybe back to weaponsmithing? We’ll just have to see. Wurm Online is still one of my favourite games to play, it’s just so incredibly relaxing. If you happen to play, feel free to give me a poke! My name in-game is Stargrace, and I have cross server tells enabled. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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