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  1. pkudude99 says:

    It’s been a long time since I played, so I’m sure “best fits” have changed, but when I was playing my fit was very similar. I just went with a DC2 and 3 BCS’s in the lows, and instead of dual-shield boosters I used an EM hardener. The only “room” that was even slightly scary after that was the “bonus room” of “Angel Extravaganza” and that simply took kiting away from the mobs at 1st until you got rid of the frigates. Or there was one other that had trigger mobs that if you hit them 1st they’d spawn a massive wave of ships, but you just saved them for last and then they were no problem.

    Warp in, orbit the beacon (or anything, really) with the AB running at about 10km, and that was enough to speed tank just about anything, so that was why I didn’t find the 2nd shield booster to be necessary. But as I mentioned… the prevailing wisdom may have changed since I last played almost 3 years ago. Honestly I was kinda surprised that the fit is still so very very close to what I recall.

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