Things to do, Accounts to Sub?

2015.’m still getting familiar with things now that I have returned to EVE Online, and while most of it is like riding a bike (you never completely forget and it feels like second nature) there is of course the decision of what I actually want to DO in game.

When I last played I would use two accounts and do a lot of mining. It was calming, and I had fun using a mining ship & a hauler to collect ore. I also did industry and PI, but the majority of my time was dedicated to mining. This included running mining missions for faction. Since I have returned I have felt a stronger draw towards combat and I have been working on combat related skills. I’m still contemplating setting up my 2nd account so I can get mining going again, but at this time I’m not convinced that it’s something I want to do. Of course there are always other reasons for wanting a second account active, EVE is the sort of game (much like Wurm Online) where that is quite handy.

One thing I love doing is collecting ships. Now that my Tengu is fit properly for both PvE and Covert Ops I have been looking at getting a Proteus set up. This would be an ideal covert ops ship. The tengu is nice, but the proteus can tank better and it can also dps better. Now, I am not so strict that I feel people MUST use the best ship for the job in order to play, nor do I feel that there is only ‘one fit to rule them all’ – I prefer people use what works for THEM, and that can differ. I still really enjoy collecting ships, though, so it’s on my list of potential things I’d like to do.

I also want to re-learn how to probe for sites, I hear it has changed. I do have a ship already fit for probing, so perhaps this weekend I’ll spend some time re-learning how it works and checking out the changes. One of my favourite things to do was to probe the universe for unique happenings. I find it a bit.. weird, that signatures are now marked on the sky with a sensor overlay icon, but it’s something I have been getting used to. You do still need to probe the signature in order to warp to it in those cases, though you do not need to probe anomalies in order to warp.

So what say you, oh readers of mine. Should I subscribe that second account?

2 Responses to Things to do, Accounts to Sub?

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I never did, but all the Eve bloggers that I still read (even though I stopped playing 3 years ago – oh Eve, why can’t I quit you?) always seem to have so many things going on that having an alt account allows for them…..

    I did train a 2nd character to be able to do PI and research blueprints and such. Only took a few weeks, so I don’t feel like I lost anything on my main by doing so, but I couldn’t ever have both in space at the same time, obviously.

  2. Akely says:

    Multiple accounts? Why yes, you should. For W-space you simply cannot have to many cloaked eyes. Success in W-space heavily depends on information advantage in order to best your adversary.

    Yes, I’m assuming a lot of things here. Call it wishful thinking. :)

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