Raiding with leashes III?

UntitledIt looks like I’ll be spending a bit of time in Black Temple, Hyjal Summit, and the Sunwell in order to collect a new round of pets. Right now I’m up to 507 unique pets, and rank #255 for Area 52. Of course now I have 12 more to go out and try to collect. I still haven’t unlocked the T3 garrison, needing to complete 150 pet battles in Draenor. Right now I’m at 70. I’ve slowly been working on getting more pets to level 25, though that was made a lot easier when I received a stone this week that let  me instantly boost a single pet directly to 25 (thank you 6.1).  My pet of choice was tied between the Pandarian Water Spirit, and Chrominius, but eventually I settled on the water spirit. Both come in handy for a lot of fights.

With my battle tokens what I tend to do is purchase the random bag that lets you grant 1 level to a specific pet family. Then I sort my collection by that family, and boost the first pet (or a specific one if I have one in mind) that is closest to 25. This has worked out pretty well so far, and I have a nice robust collection of level 25 pets now. The problem is the more difficult fights require a very specific team in order to defeat them, so it’s important for me to level those up too.

Right now I’m working on leveling pets to 25 outside of the horde garrison, there’s lots of encounters, and I’ll slowly be able to make my way to 150 pet battles. I’m using an unlikely team, the unborn val’kyr (need to get her to 25), along with chrominius, and my one level 25 on the team, lil’xt (has a bonus to most of the pets in this area). It’s slow going, but not too intense and I’m able to do these battles between other things, which I enjoy.

As always happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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