Sims 4 Legacy Family – Day 2

03-01-15_11-17 AMPlaying a Sims 4 legacy family is a pretty humbling experience. In the screenshot above you can see how Elizabeth started out, a single room with a bathtub, toilet, a cot, some pizza she ordered since she can’t cook, and her penguin TV (which she’s still using). She has the childish trait, so she requires high amount of ‘fun’ in order to keep her mood up, and lets face it, fun isn’t free in this world.

03-02-15_7-31 AMEventually the story progresses. It’s no longer about Elizabeth, but about her children, and providing for them. She managed to fit all of their beds into the house, and can cook them homemade meals, but they have to eat outside. Instead of upgrading her own items she also purchased them an activity table, so they can do arts and crafts. Her entire world becomes about her children and providing for them, so that they can have the best future possible. “J” comes over often to visit with the kids, but continues to turn down Elizabeth whenever she proposes (I think it might be the 8th time or so now).

03-03-15_7-35 PMBy the time the kids are on the brink of turning into teenagers, the house is looking a bit better. While both children are in bed, Elizabeth spends hours (and hours) outside, collecting rocks, flowers, and fruit in order to sell them at a local market for pennies. She has taken to breeding exotic frogs in her inventory for a bit of extra cash. She was able to scrape and pinch enough coin to purchase a second hand computer – this is a big deal, it means she can work from home, and do paper work. Of course now in her current position (assistant to the manager) she requires logic, so she spends a lot of time at the library. The children’s room used to be covered with their artwork, but she had to sell all but one picture in order to afford payment for their rent. Because they live on such a giant plot of land (even though it’s mostly empty) they have incredibly high taxes.

Elizabeth is about to age up, and it’s important she see that her children grow up well. When she’s no longer around they’ll be responsible for keeping the family line going. Both kids are B students, and they’ll have to keep working at things. The best thing that has happened to the family recently was a $1000 that Elizabeth got for staying loyal to her work. Even if her loyalty was out of fear. They’re not the most wealthy family out there, but they have lots of love and laughs. That’s what matters.

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