Trying to get Better

WoWScrnShot_030715_074509In any game I play, I like to know that I am playing my character well. I like to find the optimal builds, wear the right combination of gear, hit the keys in the right order. For some people, that’s just not fun and I can completely understand it, but that’s how I have fun, and I work at it. It would be nice if people could understand that how I decide to play the game has no baring on how they play the game, and that we can each enjoy things our own way.

I’ve been working on my priest as of late, in specific her shadow spec. For some reason I find it very difficult to break through the 12-13k dps range, though I can’t seem to figure out if it’s due to gear or due to my rotation. Right now she’s at 644 ilevel, which isn’t that high. I haven’t had the patience to go blood farming, so only one piece of gear has been upgraded. Plus I know she’s using the cheaper gems and enchants. Still, I want to be better and continue to strive for it.

I haven’t managed to level another character to 100 yet besides my priests. I have a few sitting at level 92 (mostly for garrison reasons) but mindlessly grinding has never been my forte. Probably the reason my pet battle building is also still only level 2, and my fishing shack. I’m hoping to work on both of those over the weekend.

Meanwhile I’m also trying to complete the final two raids that I haven’t participated in yet. That includes Slagworks, and The Black Forge. Unfortunately RNG absolutely hates me, so my chances of actually walking away with loot have been slim to none. I know eventually I’ll reach a point where it all just comes together, other shadow priests are pulling in some insane numbers. For myself, so far, it has been a struggle.

As always, happy gaming this weekend! No matter where you find yourself.

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