Missions, Missions, and more Missions

2015.’m making pretty good use out of my Tengu, running missions to earn faction. Right now I’m at 4.86 standing with Douvolle Laboratories, and I need to raise it to 5 in order to work with the research agent I have my eye on.

Meanwhile, I’ve got 5.37 standing with CreoDron, and I need a standing of 7 in order to work with an R&D agent over that way. I know I’ll get there eventually, but it does mean that a lot of my game time is taken up by running missions. I’ve been doing security ones because they’re quite fun and a lot faster than doing the mining missions that I used to run. Plus I get a lot of loot from the wrecks of ships. Now that I have my trusty mobile tractor unit tucked away in my inventory hold, salvaging ships is much easier. I decided to keep my fit with 5 missile launchers + 1 salvager, I know I can carry around another item that will let me swap out that salvager so I can use 6 launchers while in space, but for now the cargo hold doesn’t have a lot of room and I can’t be bothered, I’m getting along just fine with my current make up.

Meanwhile the 2nd account is flying a hulk and working on training some mining crystals. The Orca & Hulk combination is a nice steady one that rarely gives me any issues. Still I prefer to spend more of my time blowing things up with missiles than I do mining, these days.

Fly safe!

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