A Second Deed in Wurm Online (again)

wurm.20150405.1531My main deed is pretty much completed these days, with only 1 building and some fencing still needed along the upper most tier. I recently downsized two sides to free up a bit of the monthly upkeep I was paying, and to allow me a bit of freedom in creating a second deed with my alt. I decided to re-subscribe with Blesse, and I’ll probably be making her a Vynora priest once I get enough faith. Right now I’m hovering around 22, and I need to reach 30 in order to have another priest change me into one.

The second deed is nothing fancy, just a mining outpost along an enormous mountain side. My own mine is quite small, as my deed didn’t extend that far into it. Plus I just like having a little outpost to hang out at. I’ve designed a small 2×2 home with a 2×2 pen attached to it for my horses. I brought two horses over from my main deed, along with a handful of supplies like nails and barrels so that I didn’t have to create things quite from scratch. Still don’t have a hunting lodge, but honestly I haven’t seen that many areas on Xanadu that actually have any creatures. Makes things a bit difficult. I don’t know if they’re just bunched up together on some sections of the map or if other hunters are coming out and clearing everything. Either way, it make for some pretty barren lands.

Now that the deed is mostly completed, and the second deed is under way, that gives me time to work on some skills. I’d like to continue leveling my weapon smithing, but I’ll have to find something on Netflix to watch as that is probably one of the most tedious skills I’ve ever attempted to level. Besides that I’d like to continue working up my JC, and maybe branch more into HFC (hot food cooking). That of course requires me to actually work my farm, for vegetables, and maybe even fishing since meat has become scarce. Or I could take a wagon and go on a massive hunting trip. Either way, I’m never short on things to do.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to A Second Deed in Wurm Online (again)

  1. Chickens on a mining outpost ;-) Unfortunately Xanadu really does seem pretty barren of creatures. I miss the hunting sessions I had on Pristine

  2. Faeldray says:

    I can’t step off my Xanadu deed without coming across loads of wild animals. Often there’s even a few on deed as well. But I’m located on the east coast of the server, which I imagine is one of the less populated areas.

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