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MrrX tagged me in this Liebster Challenge that I’ve seen floating about for some time. It’s no surprise it took someone this long to tag me! If you haven’t checked out his blog before you most certainly should. I’ve been reading his stuff for.. well, years and years now. I’m not exactly sure how it works, so you’ll have to just suffer along through this post. First up, 11 random facts about myself.

  • I really don’t like being called Steph. My name is Stephanie, and for some reason I’ve just never enjoyed it when people only used half my name. I don’t bother telling many people because .. well, what would be the point. I don’t get upset about it, but inside I cringe a little. I really appreciate it when someone asks me “hey, do you mind if I call you Steph?” and then I can respond that, well, actually, I prefer Stephanie.
  • I don’t like pizza. It’s just not good. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I also don’t like bread. Or butter (or margarine).
  • My guilty pleasure TV shows end up being British shows about 90% of the time that are on BBC and since their accents are sometimes hard for me to make out, I watch them with subtitles.
  • I don’t know how to drive. I’ve had my beginners before, ages ago, but it’s just something I’ve never really wanted to do. It’s usually quite awkward and embarrassing for me to talk about but now that I’m older I spend less time trying to apologize for the way that I am, and more time just being myself no matter what that entails.
  • I never owned a computer growing up, and I wasn’t really into video games at all. My first computer was just bits and pieces of other computers, and I was 18. We had a computer at home but it was my Dad’s toy so we didn’t do a whole lot with it aside from email and use his BBS when he ran it.
  • I have always wanted a sister. I have two younger brothers that I adore, but I miss the closeness that I think comes with having a sister. That may be false, maybe sisters are not close at all, but in my mind I have a certain idea about them that makes me smile.
  • I collect stuffed animals, stamps, stickers, and books. I don’t have many stamps right now, but I have far too many of the first and last items. It makes me smile to think about them. My collections bring me a lot of joy. I think that’s important this day in age.
  • I lived in Germany for the Gulf War and the fall of the Berlin wall (I’m a military brat, my Dad was air force). I still remember the air raid sirens that used to go off for practice, and have vivid memories of bomb threats being called in to our PMQ area and my Mom having left a pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove while we evacuated. Funny, the things we remember.
  • I am and will probably always be, a morning person. I’m wide awake first thing, no matter what time I’ve gone to bed the night before. Afternoons however I turn into a slug and just want to sleep.
  •  I’m a lefty, yay!
  • When I grew up my family always had a lot of pets, and I cherish that very much. We’ve had hamsters, birds, fish, cats, dogs, rabbits (well, one), and probably another one or two that I’ve forgotten. I think pets are really important, and I carry those values with me today.

Now onto the questions directed at me. Good grief you are probably all asleep already! I wouldn’t blame you.

Why Blog?

I don’t really have a reason, I’ve just always enjoyed writing. I’ve had MmoQuests for.. 8 years now? Maybe even 9, I would have to count. I may not always write, but I always come back to it and I enjoy it quite a bit. I do own a few other blogs, too. Personal ones. They help me release tension and give me an outlet for creativity.

Why MMO’s? Or why not? 

Probably cliche to say this, but it’s because of the people in them. I do play single player games as well but I constantly swing back to MMOs because I crave that social aspect even though I myself am not particularly social. I just like to observe.

Science Fiction? Or Fantasy? 

That’s an easy one. Fantasy. I’ve never been a fan of sci-fi. In fact the only sci-fi game I enjoy is EVE Online and I can’t even begin to describe why that is my game of choice.

What of Steam? 

I love steam. I have around 200 games in my collection and I love knowing they’re all just right there. I like that I can share those games with friends and family, and that no matter what computer I’m using the games are ‘out there’ some place. Now of course I know they could also be taken away, since they’re ‘virtual goods’ but I haven’t had any fears of that happening.

Gaming Relics? 

Not a single one, since I wasn’t a gamer growing up. Even if I were a gamer, last year I up and moved across the country with only one suitcase to my name, so I wouldn’t have any extra belongings to begin with. I used to own some D&D items, and that was exciting. They’ve been left behind for now though.

Three Games that Shaped You

  • Redemption. This was a MUD, and it’s where I first realized that I was indeed a gamer. I started playing just after high school with a lot of local people. We would meet up on top of the shopping mall down town on the roof for “Mud Meets”.  I created two maps, one was an insane dwarven amusement park and the other was a play on Gulliver’s Travels. It was a lot of fun. I still keep in touch with quite a few people from the game, though I quit years ago. That game helped turn me into who I am today.
  • EverQuest. My first ‘real’ MMO. My first major game addiction. I met so many people there, formed so many friendships. I started blogging when I was playing EverQuest. I got into writing about games because of EQ. I eventually started playing EQ2, and writing about that, too. I got hired by Beckett, and started writing articles about video games full time, professionally. That game opened so many doors for me that I didn’t even know existed. That I had no idea were even out there. I wouldn’t be where I am now, working for Carbine Studios, were it not for me playing EQ way back when.
  • Vanguard: SOH. That game will forever and always hold a place in my heart. I was a guide for Vanguard, and ran player events quite frequently. You may have seen me role-playing in one of the main cities, or calling for participants to one of my events. Vanguard taught me a lot about patience. The people of Vanguard taught me a lot about passion. My guide name was Faralithe.

Rolling Up a New Character

99% of the time, I’ll always choose to be a healer first. For some reason that’s just the role I enjoy playing. My second favourite is of course crowd control (ie: enchanter) if there is one.

What Games Did you Play Before MMO’s?

Like I mentioned above, very little. I did the usual super mario stuff because my brothers were both really into games, but I wasn’t much of one.

Videogame Capital Of (The / Your) World

California without a doubt. I’m biased, obviously. SOE flew me there back when I worked for Beckett, and Carbine Studios is there. Next would probably be Vancouver, or Montreal. I’m not completely giving up on my canuck gamers yet!

Which MMO’s have you really invested yourself in? 

EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, Wurm Online, and WildStar. I play other games (lots of other games) but those games affected my entire life. I’d consider that pretty invested.

How do you spend your time in MMOs?

Crafting. If I’m not crafting then I’m harvesting and if I’m not harvesting then I’m decorating (if it’s available) and if I’m not decorating then I’m probably doing one of the other thousands of things there is to do in game.


I don’t even know who to tag because I know the more popular bloggers have already long since – so lets see here. I’m going to be lazy and ask them to fill in the same questions I answered, so that’s 11 random facts and then the bold questions above. Lets go for some really rare ones here.

Arkenor – from Ark’s Ark.

Mr.Anderson – from Juxtaposed Life

Kasul – from Shattered



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