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I recently started playing Guild Wars 2 again, blame it on the hype surrounding the expansion that was announced not too long ago. I’ve already got a level 80 guardian and an elementalist, as well as a handful of alts. I also recently started a new account that doesn’t have any characters on it so I’m trying to get an 80 or two before the expansion comes out. I began with a mesmer. I have one that’s already level 51 but I’d like to get to the level cap. Since I’ve already got a handful of characters at max level and I didn’t want to spend a great deal of time leveling through content I’ve already played, I decided to work on my crafting and enjoy the ‘free’ levels that comes with it.

In the gem store you can increase your active tradeskills from 2 to 4, so that was the first thing I picked up. I decided to go with weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, cooking, and jeweler. Thanks to the handy guides out there it was easy to raise each one to 400. Along the way it meant that my baby mesmer managed to ding 42, which allowed me to bypass a bunch of the older content that I’ve already done a bunch of times.

Now, I know not everyone thinks that content should be bypassed and honestly I’m torn on the debate myself. I would never suggest that brand new players skip content because they’re missing some great storylines as well as the time it takes to learn how to play the class. For veteran players, I have less of an issue. If you’ve already gone through the story and you already have a max level character, bypassing the content isn’t going to be that big of a deal. Most characters play similar to one another and it doesn’t take much time to learn from a guide. In my case, I’m really just interested in reaching level 80 and then I can go back to anything I missed that I consider important, and I can always go back and get older achievements that way. With the ‘mentoring down’ that Guild Wars 2 employes, this is even easier. I never have to worry about being too high level for any content in the game, I only ever have to be concerned about being too low level. If I’m level 80, that becomes a moot point.

I also created my first ranger. I’m not sure if I’ll actually level the class up, but it’s nice to have one. The world is as busy as ever and I’m always running into other players. I’d like to get into some dungeons and exploring more pvp, but for now I’m just having fun doing things as they come.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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