Bridges, Stairs, and Ships – Oh My


Bridges, stairs, and revamped ship models are finally in game. There were the usual expected bugs during the initial release, but developers have been working very hard on getting them squashed. I didn’t get a lot of time to play this week, but I did get enough time to add three new staircases to my homes, and I have to admit, I adore them. I haven’t looked into bridge building yet, that step seems far more complicated. I have one building to complete at the South most deed, a tailoring shop. Afterward, I think I’ll begin a knarr. I have a corbita and a sailboat, but a knarr can carry more, and still move through shallow waters. Plus I’ve decided to leave the sailboat up at the Northern deed for my priest to use. Never know when she may want to get around.

Aside from the building that needs to be completed and perhaps another staircase or two, I’m not sure what skills I want to be working on. The priest just reached 57 channeling, which I am very pleased about. I still need to work on Soul Depth, but but I’m happy with how things are progressing. Her casts are still not that great yet, I’m hoping to improve them over time. So far she can get steady 30-40 casts. I’d like at least 60 or higher. I know it takes time and a lot of work though.

Other than that, this week has been filled with work. I’m very excited to hear that the EverQuest progression server will be live on May 20th, I’ll be playing as Stargrace, though I haven’t settled on a class yet, I THINK I’ll be going gnome shadowknight. What has everyone else been up to? Let me know in comments!

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