Ding, 15 on Ragefire



Thanks to the early orc camps I was able to inch my way to level 14 and that made a huge difference to me because that’s when I got my next tier pet, and it conned yellow to me instead of dark blue. Once I picked up the spells I thought I would use (there’s no use in picking up every single spell right now, plus I just don’t have the funds) I headed back to that bandit camp that was giving me such problems before. This time I was able to easily break the camp and settled in to a nice round of killing for the next little while. The magician managed to ding level 15, and 32% in – the druid hit level 15 and 5% in before I called it a day. I need a bit of a break from camping to work tradeskills and of course gather my level 15 spells.

For the mage that means another pet – but I’m not going to pick it up because I’m happy with the current one I have, and all pets this tier will be the same level. I also got a new nuke that does far more damage than the last one. It’s over 100 damage instead of 42. I’m sure it also uses a lot more mana, too. The druid reaching 15 means the first of her port spells, Ring of Karana and Ring of Surefall Glade. I’ll be doing some traveling to pick those up, because who wouldn’t want their port spells. That’s a big plus of being a druid. She also got a new skin like rock spell at 14 that I haven’t picked up yet.

The game is bustling with players. There are over 400 magicians in chat this morning, along with over 400 in my ‘regular’ channels preventing me from joining them. People are all over the starter towns, and yesterday there were 5 instances of Commonlands up. The main one had 90 players and each subsequent instance had 40+. It’s really nice to see the game get so much love. I can’t help but wonder how long it will last.

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