Legacy Family Shenanigans in The Sims 4

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What’s new in the realm of The Sims 4? Well, they quietly released another ‘stuff’ pack. This one is ‘Perfect Patio’ and costs $9.99. Included is 32 new items, and 12 new outfits. The previous stuff pack was Luxury Party, and included 12 new build items, and 40 new outfit items. It was also priced at $9.99. The game still has a lot of bugs (at least for me). One of them has been around since release, and it’s where my screen goes black every time I try to place anything I buy in build mode. Of course there is a work around (I can change the resolution, save it, change the resolution back, and it fixes the issue for that gameplay session) but I shouldn’t have to do that every time I want to build anything in-game. Of course mine is just one smaller problem with a workaround, where there are many others who have bigger issues (and who have no workarounds). Yes, I bought both stuff packs. There are stuff packs for $9.99, game packs for $19.99 (Outdoor Retreat), expansions for $39.99 (Get to work) and the base game. Right now these are all on sale, too. Unless you happen to be a big fan of the franchise (which I am) I wouldn’t go spending money for anything other than Get to Work, and the base game.

My legacy family ended up bugged in my last session. I threw a party, and everyone who attended that party decided to stay on the lot, forever. I attempted to move to a new lot and move back – bam, people there. I took my Sim off to a little mini vacation, and when she returned, yep, people. Eventually I ended up selling the lot and moving to a new map all together, which IS against the legacy family rules, but I didn’t want to have to start my game completely over. My sim already has a pretty robust history, and is established with her family (or what remains of it).

So Jessica Little lives with her daughter Emily. Her husband has passed on, his grave sits in the backyard under a lovely tree. They managed to save up enough money for a lovely home, and Emily goes to school full time. Jessica hasn’t found anyone to replace her deceased husband, but that’s alright because he rises out from the grave every night to keep the family company when he can anyway. I haven’t gotten very far with my legacy, only on the first round of children, but I’m hoping with a few gameplay sessions I can expand that. Now that they have a comfortable nest egg, it’s time to see who Emily is interested in as a potential mate..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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