A Deed is Never Done



I haven’t started any bridges yet, but I’ve been contemplating creating one across the little harbor my deed is settled against. Maybe some sort of welcoming guard towers along the front with a bridge that spans between them. I haven’t quite decided yet. What I did decide, was that entirely too much of my deed was taken up by water, and when you pay for each tile of land that you own, well. There’s only a few solutions. What I decided to do was use some of the dirt I had collected from the mountain side and begin filling in the harbor. It’s an area of approximately 5×7, so it’s quite a large spot. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the newly terraformed location yet, it’s not like I need any more buildings, pens, or farm space, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

I also decided to re-expand the deed slightly, raising the monthly cost to just under 3 silver. This brings my guard tower back on-deed, as well as a large portion of my mine and my grape orchard. It wasn’t essential that these things be on-deed, but it does make keeping it all repaired a bit easier.

I also spent the better part of one gaming session cutting down wayward trees and turning a large portion to lawn so that more wayward trees couldn’t grow. The reason for this is not because I don’t enjoy trees, but because those threes tend to block the view of the deed, and I wanted it to stand out a bit more. Since I have a dedicated tree farm off to the side it’s not essential that I have any extras, plus the top tier of my place is loaded with maple trees (my favourite type in-game).

I’m still undecided as to what skills I want to raise on my main character. My priest is pretty simple. I finally raised channeling to 60, and I’m working on Soul Depth. Animal husbandry, farming, hot food cooking, all the usual priest skills. On my main I’m debating between jewelry and going back to weapon smithing which is just the slowest skill in the entire world to level up. It’s one of those skills where you want to be doing something else as you work on it (like watching TV) and only work on it when you have sleep bonus. Even then, you’ll be lucky to raise it any significant amount. The more I think about it, the more that’s the skill I think I’ll end up going with. Now I just need to find something on netflix or hulu to watch so I don’t fall asleep from boredom.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

4 Responses to A Deed is Never Done

  1. stargrace says:

    All video games are time wasters, watching xyz thing over and over ;) Be it xp bars, health bars, raid windows, or whatever. Personally, I’m glad there’s such diversity and there’s a game like Wurm, I have enough action games as it is :)

  2. Gourdon says:

    I wasn’t suggesting that ArcheAge be copied. I was suggesting that they find a way to throttle what can be done without wasting my time sitting and watching a progress bar over and over.

  3. stargrace says:

    I absolutely hate the system ArcheAge uses, and that would be a very fast way to get me to get me to quit. I love the method Wurm has :)

  4. Gourdon says:

    Your statement about falling asleep from boredom is precisely my problem with Wurm. It is clearly an amazing system and world, but the gameplay is predicated upon the player’s tolerance for watching a progress bar. I understand that there needs to be a way to throttle player progress, but there are better ideas out there already. Some form of labor system where a pool grows with a larger cap than ArcheAge would be better, though players might find themselves with little to do after they use up their buffer of saved labor. My point is that I think it’s time that games stop using boredom mechanics to limit player progression and do something more creative than have the player watch a progress bar or repetitively play an inane mini-game. If such a change were to come to Wurm, it could very well end up being the ideal game for me. I imagine I’m not alone in that sentiment.

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