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OK, so it has been some time since I last wrote about Terraria but an enormous update was made to the game just last week, and I figured it was time to check things out. Of course I’m very glad I did, and I’ve been spending the majority of my vacation so far digging tunnels and building rooms for NPC to live. It’s not quite up to the standards of my previous home, but it’s getting there slowly.

One thing that was added, was expert mode. Which is what I’m playing on. In it mobs are harder and loot is plentiful – if you can get to it, at least. Right now I’m still in the early ‘collecting supplies’ stage, though I am sporting a nice set of new gear and some gold tools. One other new thing added is mounts. They look awesome. I haven’t actually gotten one in game yet (I imagine they’re quite hard to obtain) but the best mount by far would have to be the one that lets you roam around mining as you drive. There’s a video for it here that just looks fantastic.

What else was added?

  • Mac & Linux versions are slated to release this July
  • 800 new items
  • New events
  • New mini-biomes
  • Expert game mode
  • Achievements
  • Lots of unknown stuff with no details given (like new bosses)

There are new minions / pets that can be summoned, you can catch critters with nets and place them in a terrarium, or maybe you want to use them as bait for fishing – that’s right, there’s fishing. There’s new light sources, new wings, trophies, a new liquid, a new hook, a new block, new information display for accessories. There’s new minecart variants, and a whole slew of new characters including a crimson bunny, cultist, granite elemental, dripper, and celestial towers.

Of course, that’s not all. You’ll want to read the notes to see the complete list. Me? I’m headed back underground.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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