Rares and RNG – They Just Don’t Like Me



I spent 5 hours or so working my weapon smithing yesterday in Wurm Online, raising the skill up an entire point (and a bit) which as anyone who has leveled weapon smithing will tell you, is quite a feat. It is the slowest skill to level up, and thus weapon smith accounts are worth quite a bit of money. In that time I had at least four rare rolls, and I had failed every roll, resulting in no rare items. Of course I decided to blog about it, and the second I started this post, before this first paragraph was even done, I succeeded at a rare roll, and my butchering knife turned rare. I take this as a sign that I should complain about RNG more often!

Players who have premium accounts are supposed to have a heightened chance at creating rare items, but honestly I’ve never had that much luck with them. I can count on one hand the amount of rares I’ve created over the years and they don’t measure very many. Normally I sell them off, enchanted rares are worth a handful of silver and that’s a wonderful way to pay for my deeds. I haven’t decided if I’ll sell my latest rare or not. Butchering knives are nice because even if a creature is ‘starving’ they will provide meat. I’ve tried to bid on a few butchering knives over time but they always seem to go higher than my budget allows.

I’ve been debating trying to get a collection of rare tools together to help with my weapon smithing. Not many are required. A hammer, whetstone, pelt, ore, and water is all I use. I don’t believe pelts can be rare, but I should be able to find a hammer. My tools are already pretty nice quality (90+) though they could stand to get a few enchants as well. Anything that helps me level up my skills a bit faster is a help.

I decided to take all the tools I owned that were below 50 ql (extras I had stashed away) and improve them all to 60, so that’s what my forge is filled with at the moment. Then I’ll bring them to my priest, who will enchant them, and I’ll try to put them for sale at the market for a cheap price. So far my items sell pretty well even though they’re not that fancy. Making items in bulk while I try to level my skills helps to keep them at a very low cost. I have no use for all the extra items, so I may as well try to get rid of them.

It’s nice to take a break from the deed work and work on some skills. I’ll probably end up doing what Yetian does, which is alternate the two. That way nothing suffers and you get a lot done. I’m sure in the end, whatever I end up feeling like doing will be what I end up doing…

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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