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Over the past few days my alliance (which compromises of myself and three other people) have been in discussions with another alliance along the South Eastern corner of Xanadu. We decided to take the plunge and join our alliances together, so now instead of an alliance of three we’re an alliance of almost five times that. It’s quite a different situation, when you involve more people. First I had to double and triple check my deed permissions. While I like them well enough so far, you can never be too sure with Wurm. I don’t want to give everyone permission to everything quite yet. I’ve worked really hard on my deeds, and it would be upsetting to lose it. I’ve given the alliance some basic permissions like passing through locked doors, but for the most part I’ve decided to set up individual permissions, granting more permissions to people I know and then I can work from there.

It also means there’s a lot more chatter than I’m used to. This is good and bad. I do enjoy having more chatter but Wurm is also my ‘quiet’ game, so there are many moments where I don’t exactly feel like having a big open discussion. Even more so are the moments where I’m only partially paying attention, or I’m AFK doing other things while my characters stand around regaining their favor.

It’s the largest alliance I’ve been a part of so far, and I’m interested in seeing how it works out. I’ve had other real life friends play with me over the years and a majority of them ended up moving on to other games, but the core group has been folks I’ve played with ever since I started playing Wurm. I think it will be an interesting adaptation for us all. I don’t expect that everyone will get along with everyone else, but we’ll see how it goes. It does also help that there are quite a few alliance members from the UK, which is where my own alliance members are from. Even though I’m from Canada my hours tend to be the same as those in the UK since I work nights, and it’s nice to have a few more people around. Whether or not our personalities mesh, I haven’t seen. My initial reaction is that it should be a good fit. It’s nice to have a group of people to work with, we can share skills and help one another out.

Speaking of skills, I recently purchased a Fo priest, and so the screenshot above is me sailing my characters from my deed down South to my deed up North. I’m hoping to have the Fo priest work on some healing covers, thus raising essential skills. I have a lot of animal bits laying around, so they should get some pretty good gains. By ‘a lot’ I mean I have about 20,000 animal bits in total. I’m thinking of leaving my collection of priests at the Northern deed, while I take Stargrace (my main) back down to the Southern one I own. Nothing is set in stone though, whatever I decide to do I’m sure it will be fun. It’s a nice break from working on weapon smithing. I also finished an order of tools for a friend, so I’ll need to deliver those some time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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