Not a Game for the Impatient


I have some goals in Wurm that I’ve been trying to accomplish, and because I am a naturally impatient person, I’m finding them more and more difficult. For example, I made the decision to swap my Fo priests over to one of the newer religions, Nahjo (or Nacho, as they’re calling the deity on Xanadu). Nahjo priests can cast strongwall as well as genisis and courier. That means that if I could eventually level up my faith (and thus favor) I wouldn’t need all three of the base priests to do what I want to do, I could just keep my Vynora along with a Nahjo (or two, for linking). The problem is that in order to swap my character’s religion, I need to find an actual follower and have them convert me. Then I need to have a priest convert me when I hit 30 faith (in a month or so). Finding people who are in proximity to my priests and who are on at the same time as me is a daunting task, especially when I want things done yesterday.

Skills are another thing that raise incredibly slow – which is one of the reasons I love Wurm but also tests my patience. The game is certainly not for everyone. For those who are willing to put in the time, the rewards are fantastic (IMO, as someone who enjoys the game of course).

Speaking of yesterday, my main character (Stargrace) is in a bit of a bind, which should get sorted out by the end of today hopefully. I recently made a friend 11 sets of tools for alts, joined his village and used my karma to port there to deliver them. Then there’s a 24h waiting period before you can join another village, so I’m waiting for that to pass so I can port myself back home. I really should raise my meditation skill high enough so that I can port myself every 12 hours without using karma (path of knowledge). It will take me quite some time to get it that high, but had I been doing it all the time that I played Wurm I’d be there already. I just dislike having to meditate, for whatever reason. Most of my characters stop when they’re on rank 7.

Once Stargrace is safe and sound back home, it’s back to working on support beams to reinforce the mine that links my deed with those of my main alliance team. We have an enormous tunnel that links our deeds (though it is not yet completed) and portions of it keep collapsing, so I’d like to get that fixed before too long. Aside from that, it’s just general skill leveling going on while I wait for the impalong to begin. I haven’t decided if I’m going to bring any raw materials yet, but I’ll probably donate some depending on what they need.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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