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People on Xanadu have taken to calling one of the latest religions Nacho, when referring to Nahjo, and I can understand why. Make it much easier to remember and say! In my post yesterday I mentioned that I was contemplating swapping my Fo priests over to this new religion. The most important thing is that this re-sets your faith (favor, mana) and you have to start over again. First you have to become a follower and raise it to 30, then you can be converted to a priest and continue raising it from there. That’s where I’m at now. I found a priest not too far away from home and sailed over last night. They converted me without too many issues, and I headed back home.

Actually the hardest problem with being a follower of Nahjo was creating an altar. I can’t create a metal one because those require blessing (which requires a priest), and the stone altars can only be created in an area that doesn’t already have a priest ‘domain’ in play. I eventually settled on an area inside my mine. Above and below ground counts as two different areas, so you can place an altar in each. Since neither character is a priest it means I can do the mundane things that priests are unable to do (like continue items) at least for the next few weeks. By the end of the day my faith was sitting at 7, a nice start.

Magnaron statues are the statue of choice for Nahjo followers, so I created a few of those and handed them out to my characters as well. Aside from standing around making sure I get my prayers in, there’s not a lot for these characters to do *yet) so I swapped back to my main character and began working on my natural substance.

I created 300 healing covers and raised my skill from 32 to 37, and am looking forward to reaching 50 eventually. The skill levels up pretty easily so far, but I expect that will slow down. It’s a great use of the few thousand animal bits I have in a bulk storage bin on deed though, and I’m hoping to make some really awesome dye over time. That does mean that my support beam project is slightly on hold for a bit, but I’m still hoping to create the side materials used for it. No matter how ‘done’ I ever think I am in game, there are always so many things to do. That’s one of the great things about Wurm Online.

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