Even When You’re Experienced, It’s Dangerous


Oh Wurm. I decided I’d go out hunting for a bit. I wanted to re-stock some natural substance supplies and so I decided to take a large cart so that I could fill it with corpses. My character has over 70 fight skill, drake armor, and a weapon that has great enchants but could use some improving to take it to a higher level (hence why I’m working up my weapon smithing). Problem is I completely forgot that carts move much slower than just plain riding a horse. That, and I didn’t have my best speed horses attached to it. So when I was tired of beating up critters I decided that I would just “run away” from anything that was following me. Nope. That most certainly did not work.

What I ended up with instead was over 6 trolls chasing me, along with their friends which included various spiders, hellhounds, crocodiles, bears, wildcats, and scorpions. I decided I would just stay on the road I was traveling and that hopefully I would run into a settlement that either had a gate, a guard tower, or a templar, but no, the entire road that went on forever was devoid of any of these things. As you travel on an incline you also move even slower, so eventually I just gave up and let the inevitable happen. I just could not shake the creatures that were tailing me.

Once I died and revived myself back at home (minus all gear, horses and cart) I decided to go back, and this time I’d take my fastest horse. I didn’t bother with any gear, this time I knew I’d be able to out run anything that was coming after me. Since I had pretty much already cleared the path, it wasn’t too hard. It did take me a good 20 minutes to run back out to where I had died, but in the grand scheme of things I didn’t mind. Sure, I could have summoned my corpse back using karma – but then I would have lost the horses. What I decided to do instead of taking the very slow cart all the way back home was to unhitch my two horses, and lead them while riding my fastest. This allowed me to gather up all of my belongings, and leave behind a mystery cart for someone else to find (and it’s packed with corpses but nothing else). I simply did not want to risk dying again. Each time you die you lose a bit of skill, and I had had enough.

After a long adventure with nothing at all to show for it aside from my bumps, bruises, and lost skill, I made it back to my deed. Needless to say I’ll be sticking closer to home in the future, and I’ll kill as I go instead of trying to out run all the things around my place.

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