Xanadu’s Problem with Spawns



I own two deeds, one in the South Eastern section of Xanadu, and the second is North Central. Each deed is completely unique from the other, and I use them for different things. The Northern one is for my priests to hang out at, it has a large area for animals, fields for farming, a robust kitchen, and the deed is completed so the priests need to only be concerned with repairing things and making sure there’s 30 days of upkeep stashed aside.

The Southern deed is still a work in progress. This deed is constantly changing and I haven’t decided what I actually want to do with it yet. It has the larger mine, is closer to my alliance members, and functions very nicely.

That being said, there is one distinctive characteristic that the Northern deed has that the Southern one lacks, and that is aggressive creatures. In fact when I used my ‘get info’ skill to tell me about the aggressive creatures in the area, the Southern deed showed absolutely ZERO aggressive mobs. Meanwhile, my second deed displayed 239 mobs on track, and that was after a handful of players had been hunting in the area. The lower portion of Xanadu has been well known for the lack of aggressive creatures while they seem to swarm the further North you go. There’s a seven paged thread on it active on the forums, but no word about whether or not this issue will ever actually be fixed. It has been a problem since Xanadu opened.

I find it frustrating that in order to get any hunting done you need to either attack the non-aggressive creatures that are around, or you need to own a hunting lodge (or completely move) to the Northern parts of the server. If neither of those options suit you, you can always go hunting on another server, but of course that takes up even more precious time.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to get aggressive creatures spread throughout the server and I really hope one day we see a solution. In the meantime, I’m thankful I have two deeds.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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