Public Quests in Commonlands


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing a game for, you’ll still discover something you didn’t even know was there. In my case it was the fact that there are public quests in both Commonlands and Antonica. It didn’t take long to figure out because absolutely everyone was talking about it in channels. The first time I did the PQ I was level 21 and showed up at the last boss – which means I didn’t get a reward. The second time I decided to mentor down and as I write this post I’m currently waiting the 19 minutes for it to begin, hoping that it will count. It’s nice to know that these events are here. There’s a choice of weapons and a very nice fabled item that can drop, and it’s not a bad way to collect some coin.

Public quests are relatively new to EQ2 in my eyes even though some games have had them the entire time. My first experience with them was pretty positive, but as soon as there’s no longer anyone to do them, they get frustrating. When they’re a requirement in progression that makes it even worse. It’s fantastic on a new populated server like Stormhold (that’s the name for the PVE time locked server) but how long until the starter zones are empty once again.

Speaking of quests, one thing I’m looking forward to completing is the heritage quests that are all over the game. I’m holding off for now because I want to be able to do them for AA and to help give guild experience once I find a home. Others have already started these quests and I envy them a bit, but I remind myself that I don’t HAVE to be front of the line, I don’t have to rush through all the content. That’s probably one of the harder things to remind myself about, especially because MMOs can be pretty competitive and I love that sort of excitement.

20 seconds until this event starts, lets see how it works out.

After failing some rounds it looked like we weren’t going to be able to round up the DPS to get the 2x epic down, but we managed it. My DPS sucked (the life of a coercer) so I only got a legendary reward, but it was a nice 10% xp, and I had fun. Now it’s on to harvest in Nektulos Forest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!



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