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I have a really hard time finding guilds (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post). Normally my instinct is to just start my own guild – and that way I’m never disappointed. There’s no drama, I can decorate my own hall (if that’s an option) and I don’t have to worry about anyone else. This time I decided I would find a proper home. As I mentioned already, the first guild I found wasn’t that good of a fit. Then when I was grouping up in Fallen Gate, one of the group members asked if I was looking for a guild. I explained that I was, and they mentioned that they were hoping for a coercer or two to join up. That’s how I found myself in ‘Thats a Wipe’ which raids on weekends and seems to match my hours perfectly. There are of course a few downsides. Number one, the guild is gigantic, and I’m a pretty shy person so finding my groove is difficult. That also means there’s lots of competition and conversation, it’s a busy place. Great for people who are interested in all of that – but again I’m pretty quiet.

I don’t want to feel so competitive all of the time, but when you’re on a time locked server it seems that everything is rush rush rush. Guilds also tend to use a lot of voice chat, which is great – except I’m not really a fan. Raids and stuff sure, but otherwise I’m usually listening to my own stuff in the background and I’m not really interested in listening to people talk.

With that all being said, I really enjoy the guild so far. Today we did some smaller raids in Commonlands (yay, the guild is almost level 20) and I grouped up briefly to take down Varsoon. I won a coercer master even though everything was very red to me.

I also decided to swap my crafting profession (already, I know). I went from provisioner to carpenter, and now I’m excited about all the housing items I’ll get a chance to make. I managed to ding 24 coercer, and I was 22 provisioner before I re-set, now I’m back at 13. I don’t have vitality, which makes everything much slower.

Are you playing on either of the new servers? How are you enjoying it so far? Let me know in comments below!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

4 Responses to Finding Where you Belong

  1. Vlcan says:

    Hi Star,
    I am not playing on either of the new servers. For some reason progressive servers don’t interest me. (*shrug*). Maybe it is because it feels like a race when playing. Also many return for just a week or two and then go back to the new shiny or old favorite that has replaced the game. Others seem to come back just to chat and others act like know-it-alls or compare it to every other game out there.

  2. Akely says:

    Your recent EQ2 articles has sort of made the small and sputtering Fantasy MMO flame in me come alive. But since I really do not miss EQ2 and have a serious bone to grind with how the game has been run I went and bought Elder Scrolls Online.

    It is good to see people enjoying EQ2. It is in many parts a great game. And thanks for re-lightening my flame.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    You’re leveling a lot faster than me, which I imagine is down to playing more. I’ve only racked up around 7-8 hours so far, which has taken me to level 10 SK and Level 8 Artisan. I wasn’t expecting to stick with the TLE server for long because I’m very happy with the current, up-to-date version of EQ2 but I think Daybreak have got the pacing just right and leveling seems very satisfying. I would at least like to get high enough to join in the Commonlands and Antonica PQs – that’s something I don’t expect ever to be able to do on Freeport.

  4. TelemacusDrake says:

    Aww, now who is Aria supposed to beg food from? Makes me tempted to switch to being a provisioner.

    I joined a guild called Conquest. Mostly based on the fact that it was advertising itself as a Euro based raiding guild. So far I like it. Though like you I tend to be quite and not much for general chatter.

    The guild leader is trying to build up a solid raid force but is far from recruiting everything in sight like some of the guilds I’ve seen. The current push seems to be to get everyone to 25 to start doing the city raids.

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