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Me and Mooshga, we go way back. Hanging out by the city of Freeport gates, this lady works tirelessly to cook awesome food and drink for players. Help her out enough and you’ll be rewarded with coin, experience, food, drink, and in the end you’ll become her very best friend and earn yourself a title. The quests start at around level 10, and you’re required to head to Dog Pond to kill some carrion hounds, which will then be made into jerky. Yum. In total there are 9 quests to her chain, leading from level 10 to 20 (and eventually leading you into Nektulos Forest). I love these quests and I typically end up doing them on all of my Freeport characters just for the Nostalgia factor. Looking around the Commonlands it appears that I’m not the only one who enjoys the quests either.

Coercer is sitting comfortably at level 26, which I’m hoping will mean 27 later on this evening. I also inched towards 24 carpenter, but wanted to earn some vitality first. Leveling without vitality is incredibly slow. While I was earning vitality on my main I played the alts, my shadowknight actually found a level 6 master spell in Darklight Woods! I ended the day at level 7 on that character, and level 10 alchemist. My wizard is going to be my sage, and she also reached level 10. If you’re wondering why you don’t have vitality when you created your characters some time ago, remember that you need to be level 4 before vitality shows up. You DO still earn it even though you can’t technically see it. That means when you reach level 4 things should start to fly by (until you’re out of vitality, of course). The guild is almost level 3 which means (of course) that I have a very long way to go, especially in my guild of one. If you’re looking for a coercer to group up over the weekend feel free to give me a nudge! You can find me in-game as Stargrace, or just do a search for ‘Combat Wombat’ (my guild).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Venzur says:

    My newbie inquisitor is working with Mooshga right now — was fun to see her highlighted here as well. Have returned to EQ2 after previous joinings over the years — figured Stormhold would be a great way to re-introduce myself to it and reduce the level of overwhelming content a bit :) Enjoying reading about your foray on the server as well — perhaps Vessna will cross paths with Stargrace in the Greater Freeport Area!

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