The Legacy Continues

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I was a bit worried that I had lost all of the progress I made on my latest Legacy family in the Sims 4 when I reinstalled windows after upgrading to an SSD – thankfully that wasn’t the case, I actually saved the files and just put them back when I installed, so I was able to pick up right where I left off. In that time EA came out with another feature pack, this time involving spas. I’m really hoping for a pet expansion before too long. I know Sims 3 didn’t get one until 2011, but I hope EA realizes that pets are an almost universal love. More waiting to see what comes next.

In any case, legacy family is doing well. You might remember I started with Jessica Little, and she met Alonzo, and together they had Emily. Alonzo died shortly after, and his tombstone rests outside the home in the backyard. It’s in a really pretty place, under a tree so his girls don’t forget him, though I am not sure how attached Jessica actually was. Emily is a teenager now, and has started discovering her true calling in life, which centers around art. She’s sold a number of paintings to collectors, and between her art and Jessica’s writing, they are living in a fairly comfortable home worth about $90,000. Neither of them has made much progress on the romance front, for some reason no one seems interested in Jessica (does she smell? Maybe..) and Emily is too young. In 9 more days she’ll become a “young adult” rather than a teen, and my legacy family goal can continue on. Remember the goal of the game is to have 10 generations in one family. That’s a lot of game time on the default settings.

EA also fixed one of my biggest problems. Each time I went to place an item from the menu, my entire screen would turn black. I would have to change the resolution of the game and then swap it back, and somehow that fixed the glitch temporarily, for that session. Now I’m able to swap without having to change the resolution or use some other workaround, which I am incredibly happy about.

The family is in a spot now where I don’t need to send them out every day to  harvest collectables just to be able to afford their next meal. I’m both happy and sad about this, happy because it was a lot of work that left very little room for anything else, but also sad because the game gets much easier from this point forward. Unless of course I donate all their money to charity or some such, which I am likely to do just because I can.

While Sims 4 doesn’t have nearly the same amount of content that I had in Sims 3, I am enjoying myself quite a bit. I’m eager for more content and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Ysharros says:

    The mating game seems weird to me generally in the Sims, but maybe I’m just too much of a control freak — in any case, usually it’s either the other Sim is *totally* uninterested (or maybe I’m just good at finding the non-committal ones :P ) or the other Sim can’t wait to hop into bed, get married (optionally) and have 78 children.

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