What Anime are you Watching?


Thanks to a discussion on twitter with @zoltariel, I’ve been spending some time thinking about how yes, we are gamers, but we’re also more than that. We’re not JUST gamers. Not any of us. To say that our only interest in the entire world is gaming would be false (waiting for someone to comment and prove me wrong here, I am sure there is ‘that person’ out there). There is a smaller circle of gamers I know who also share similar interests to me – and I love to hear about these interests. I also love hearing about those interests that we don’t share. I love knowing that we are human beings and that we do other things. It fascinates me. I love learning what people ‘do’ when they’re not gaming. What background they come from, what their family is like. Maybe it’s just me, but these things interest me far more than how their latest character is doing.

So on that note, here’s a non-video game blog post about anime I’m currently watching. I love anime. I don’t get enough time to watch it because it’s something I need to pay attention to (ie: I hate watching anime in English, so I need to be able to read the subtitles, I don’t speak Japanese). First, I’ve been working my way through the original Sailor Moon. I watched it on TV growing up in English, and prefer it with the subtitles. For some reason anime with English voices just.. really bugs me. They always sound wrong. I’m almost done with this series and I imagine I’ll start working my way through the others. I’ve also been watching Bakemonogatari, then I’ll probably move through the series. I started watching Sword Art Online II but I got bored after the first few episodes. Apparently it gets better, so I’ll probably switch back to that for a bit. There’s so many anime out there that I could probably watch all day every day and still never catch up on everything I want to see. That’s a good thing, in my eyes at least. Ones I finished watching recently are No Game, No Life, Log Horizon, Kotoura-San, R-15, and I My Me! Strawberry Eggs.

So for any anime lovers out there, what are you currently watching? What’s on your play list? Have any suggestions?

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  1. j3w3l says:

    Durarara x2 has been a great anime this season. Have to recommend Fate/ zero as well, the unlimited blade series of it just finished and it was excellent as well

  2. Mishaweha says:

    Oh boy anime! I’ve been watching My Love Story!! which is cute and hilarious at the same time. It’s on crunchyroll, I would definitely recommend. Other series I’ve been watching recently include Parasyte (the new anime; it’s way creepier/horror story like that my usual fair, but I read the manga back in the day and it’s a fascinating read), DBZ Kai, and Sound Euphonium (brings back the awkward memories of high school and also band). XD I’d recommend all of these things!

  3. stargrace says:

    That happens to me a LOT with books. I won’t remember the specific details after some time, but I will remember how the book made me feel, and what I took away from it.

  4. pasmith says:

    One that I don’t see mentioned often (and it might be hard to find) is Haibane Renmei (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haibane_Renmei ). I watched it a LONG time ago and really enjoyed it but it might be time to watch again since I don’t remember the details. But it’s about beings that may be angels… maybe?

    Am I the only one this happens to? I’ll remember really enjoying a series or a book or something but am not actually able to remember the details of what it is about. Just the feeling it left me with: in this case a kind of sweet melancholy.

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