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Things have been incredibly busy since the end of August and all of September (of course you know WildStar is going free to play, right?) so I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming. When I do, it’s typically very relaxing games like EVE Online and Wurm Online. In Wurm, my Nahjo priest finally made it to 50 skill which means.. well it means next I need to get to 70. At 50 you start earning gems from prayers though (randomly) so that’s a good thing. Since my channeling skill is already at 60 and there’s not a great deal I need channeling for (you don’t use it for strongwall or for genesis) I’m not going to focus on it that much. My Vynora priest on the other hand needs to gain at least 10 more points (just barely over 61 at the moment) and a few more skills before I’m comfortable with the character.

Meanwhile down at my Southern deed I’ve been working on breeding horses. Not for any particular reason, I don’t need a lot of animals, but I do find it calming and easy work (as is tending my fields). Both deeds are pretty well established now, and I’m wondering if it may not be time to narrow it down to one deed. The downside to that of course is that I have a LOT of supplies up at the Northern deed, and I’m not willing to disband the Southern one which is where my other alliance friends are located. I’m not sure how long it would take me to move everything I own from one deed to another, but I’m guessing it would take more than one corbita loaded with crates. Do I have the patience for that? Probably not. So in the meantime I continue to use my karma to port between the two towns as needed. I really wish there were a faster transportation method, but most players tend to agree that travel is one of the perks of Wurm. I tend to agree – unless you’re playing on Xanadu. That server is just so enormous.

I’ve been thinking of starting up another free to play character and just exploring and seeing what the game is like from a free players point of view. Maybe I’ll do it on a completely different server and see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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