Market Progress


The market is coming along, and slowly but surely each day it looks more like a market and less like the deed that used to occupy the space. The 20 horse stalls are completed, though they still need locks (and keys) for each gate so the contents inside can be purchased. I’ll do that at the very end because I’ll also need to adjust my deed permissions to allow players to lead. When the market is complete I don’t expect to keep much there aside from the regular market objects, so I won’t have to worry about people stealing. The way the horse stalls work is that the keys will be marked with a price, and placed on a merchant. You purchase the key, take it to the proper pen, and then unlock the pen, and lead your new horse away.

I’ve also got the storage shed built, and a portion of the craft building. The market stalls have been started, and I’m gathering ore to craft some altars surrounding the center of the market. I want to get more of the ground marked out properly with paths and such, right now it’s a mesh of whatever was used for paving in the past.

P22 is where the market is located, at a canal that currently allows for shallow boats (up to a depth of 5 I believe) but no lower. This also allows me to get back to my own deed as the canal is between us. Eventually I’ll dredge the canal deeper, and build a bridge so I can reach my place. Naitey has been working on lanterns for the market so we can light it up. I haven’t decided yet on what sort of decoration I want the place to have as far as the entrance goes, but I’ll get there. I was thinking of a few colossus but I’m not sure if I want those. I’m also hoping to get some trees in while I finish the basic paving. I may change the paving in the future, but for now the basic outline of the market should be in place. Helps for those who are going to help me build, too. I’ve linked everyone the map, so there’s no confusion.

All in all I’m pleased with the progress. It still has quite a way to go, but I’ll get there slowly and at least I know this market isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve been contemplating disbanding my deed up north so that I only have two places (right beside each other) instead of three. The place up north is lovely and holds a LOT of goods, which is the main reason I still have it. There’s over 17 silver in escrow which I’d like to take out, but there are so many supplies there it would take me more than 5 boat trips back and forth from north to south just to haul it all away. I’m also very reluctant to part with any of it (ie: I don’t want to sell the deed). For now I’ll just keep all three places, and maybe I’ll entertain the idea of hauling my stuff to the main deed in the future. If only Xanadu were not so enormous.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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