My adventures with Minecraft: Story Mode


Today marked the release date of Minecraft: Story Mode. Now these games created by Telltale games are basically choose your own adventure games, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. To be honest before today I’ve never played one before, even though I was gifted the bundle just a short time ago. I went in knowing that I absolutely love these types of games, they appeal to every side of my gamer self.

I don’t want to talk about the game that much because it will give away details of the story that are much better experienced in person. I did put up a short video on my youtube / twitch channel with the introduction but didn’t stream any further.

I will say that Ruben makes the game. Your faithful sidekick. He’s awesome.

Oh and of course I’ll show a bunch of screenshots too. So glad I picked this up, and can’t wait for the next episode.


Into the Nether.


Fun with minecarts.



Motivation for Round Two


Revelry and New Projects Galore


  1. stargrace

    It is all just story! :) Very little actual gameplay. Some people are OK with that, others are not ;)

  2. I’d love to give more Telltale games a try. Maybe I’ll start with Minecraft. :) Is it just story? I can’t really stand building in games, which is why I don’t play Minecraft, hehe.

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