Mesmer-ing Around in Guild Wars 2


A few months ago I started a brand new account for Guild Wars 2. This meant that I would be retiring my old characters and leveling up new ones – hopefully before the expansion was due out. Because I’ve already done a good portion of the content prior to starting this new account I was in a rush to get to 80 so I ended up picking 4 craft schools and leveling those all to 400/500 respectively and then using a few of my spare level up scrolls to boost myself the last few levels I needed. My first character to 80 on the new account was a mesmer. I grabbed a few pieces of gear and set out to complete My Story before moving on to Scarlet’s War and the Living World Season 2 (which is where I’m at now). Because I leveled up through crafting rather than exploring, a lot of my map hasn’t been uncovered (still) and there’s lots of things to do.

I haven’t looked into what’s coming with the expansion this Friday at all, even though I have heard tidbits here and there (it’s hard to be a part of a gaming community and not hear anything at all about these things). My mesmer wasn’t playing quite how I wanted her to, so I set out to start another guardian, which has been my class of choice. About half way through leveling that character I decided (as is my way) to just stick it out with the mesmer. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the class, I do, it’s just that this time of year I’m constantly restless, and it shows in my gaming.

Once again I’m left with the feeling of ‘well, what now..’ when I return to GW2. I wish they had a better introduction for players who have been away for a while. So much happens in this world that when I come back I’m not even sure where we’ve left off or what’s going on or what I should be doing. There’s no easy way to tell what’s the ‘best’ gear to get, what goals one should be working towards or what direction you should be headed in. This has always been the number one issue I’ve had with GW2. Of course I’m also not as familiar with it as I am with say, EQ or EQ2, so returning to those games is quite a different experience.

That being said, the game is still as beautiful as ever, and I am excited about the new guild halls and other HoT features coming this Friday. I imagine there will be quite a nice turn out. Maybe I’ll go level up that guardian after all…..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Xinrae says:

    Hi there! is considered to be the best resource right now for builds and gear. I use variations of their dungeon builds for general PVE. The meta right now for all professions is Berserker gear, although some builds may call for Sinister or Assassins (mesmers may fit into this category).

    There’s A LOT of new stuff coming and it can definitely be overwhelming to come back to it all. I’ve had to come back to the game twice to actually come back – if that makes any sense lol. It truly helps to be in an active guild.

    That said – obligatory guild plug: my guild ( is very helpful to new and returning players. We have scheduled guild missions and dungeon runs and many friendly people willing to help others learn. We plan on having several raiding groups to fit all player styles.

    Good luck with your guardian! This was my first profession and sits a bit close to my heart :)

  2. pasmith says:

    Every time I try Guild Wars 2 the answer to ‘well, what now..’ is to go play something less inscrutable. Last time I forced myself to get to 80 since everyone says that’s where “the real game” starts but if that’s so, I couldn’t find the real game…

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