Where Was I Again?


[17/50] One game that I’ve been longing to get back into but never made the time for was EVE Online – and today I decided that enough was enough, it was time to dust my ships off (again). Of course that means I don’t have the faintest idea what has changed, what I was doing, or what I want to be doing. Typically when I return to EVE Online the biggest changes are UI changes. I start slow. First, figure out where I was docked. No big deal, I was right where I left off at my “home” base. I use the term loosely, my stuff is spread all over the universe. Home is with the Gallente Federation, and while my stuff may be all over the universe, most of my ships and fluff items are all in one spot. I looked through my collection of ships and decided that I’d get familiar with the basics, first. That meant making sure my ships were insured and then heading out to a nearby asteroid to mine while I decided what I wanted to work on next. With EVE, it’s very simple. I love exploring, I love missions, and I love crafting. Sure, I’m a carebear, I admit it. That’s part of the fun of EVE though, you can make what you want of the game. In my case, it’s better to start small.

I’ve kept my skill points running while my account has been active, even if I haven’t been doing a whole lot of playing. Right now I’m working on Research Project Management 5, which will finish in 3 days. I’ve got 28,407,784 skill points total – which is very little by EVE terms, but I’m still proud. Anyway, I think my alt has one of my hulks that I built, so I found a second one and gave it a name before insuring it and taking it out for a spin. I flew to a nearby asteroid, a few Serpentis wrecks scattered around and one person mining but aside from that the area was pretty quiet. Exactly as I left it, so nothing has changed there. I thought there used to be a way for me to scan to see the volume of ore in a given asteroid but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to do that any more. In any case, I settled in for some quiet mining, easy enough. That part is like riding a bike. You never really forget how to do it. Filled up my hull, decided not to bother with cans, and headed back home.

Looking through everything, I decided that my next step would be to get back into invention – except that required me to go around collecting all of the datacores that I had stored up at various locations. I’m currently working with 4 R&D agents. One is level 4, and the rest are lower. I had been working on raising my faction so that I could work with more agents last time I played. One of my Agents has 23,500 RP built up, so I should get a nice haul of datacores to last a bit. Once I collect those I’ll haul them to my invention area and probably start up with some project or another. I haven’t quite decided yet.

Then there’s PI to go over and re-learn. I’ll also need to figure out what I want to work on next as far as skills. I think I still have some refining skills that could use some love, gas and ice mining skills maybe. Missions are easy enough to run in the Tengu with my PVE fit, but I’d like to work towards a new toy. Then of course there’s also the idea of subscribing my second account so that I can haul with my Orca while I mine. A trap I tend to fall into every single time I play EVE.

In any case. It’s nice to be flying the skies again. Lets see how long it takes me to get back into things.

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