A Love of Steam Screenshots

[23/50]It’s another screenshot dump! This time from my steam library. First up? The Flame in the Flood. This quirky little game is still in beta, but developers have been updating it on a regular basis thanks to feedback from players.


[24/50] Next up? H1Z1 by SOE. now, yes, when I first bought this game it was specifically because it was created by SOE and I was still in love with EQ2 – however, those days are a bit behind me now. That being said, the game is still absolutely breathtaking.


[25/50] Another amazing steam game – Life is Strange. This game.. I just don’t even have words. If you’ve never played it before you should pick it up (especially if you’re into any sort of games with great stories).


[26/50] Of course lets not forget Magicka – the game I spent more time killing my team mates than any other game. Oy.


[27/50] The final one for today, Pillars of Eternity. Another beautiful game with an amazing story.


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