Graviton Physics – The bane of my existence


[31/50] Doing L1 distribution missions in my Tengu – why? Because I can. Well actually it’s more like because I have to. See, I recently returned to EVE Online and wanted to check in with my R&D agents – except one of my agents now suddenly hates me and won’t talk to me, even though I’m pretty sure we parted on OK terms last time I was playing. I’m not quite sure what happened, maybe I left a faction quest incomplete, or maybe I worked a quest for an opposing faction that lowered this one. In any case, my R&D agent is insisting that I run lower level missions and earn back her trust.

Low level missions are not much of a challenge for me these days, but everyone has to start some where, and hey I needed a refresher course in pretty much everything anyway.


[32/50] I did also manage to cut down some of the crap that I had floating around at various stations. I even made a little notebook dedicated to EVE Online stuff and marked down which stations were service what purpose (ie: home storage, invention, etc). Nothing fancy, but I do love organizing.


[33/50] I put a blueprint original in to copy, and was a bit surprised at how quickly it completed. In the past there were days when I would have to wait almost a month for a copy to complete, but now it was just a matter of hours. I also put in a few manufacturing runs, creating more drones and then T2 drones from those runs. Eventually I’ll need to make a run to Jita to sell everything I’ve been collecting, but it’s quite a jump from where I’m set up, so I’ll wait until I have a good amount before setting out.


[34/50] I haven’t started back into Planetary Interaction yet, but everything should be set up so that all I need to do is go collect my storage items and set the factories running again (I know they’re not actually called factories, but that’s what I consider them to be). I had thought of starting up some new PI from scratch, as my setups are quite old and are probably not optimal any more, but on the other hand, why re-do it when they already work. Components from my PI setup used to sell for a pretty nice amount in the past, but I have no idea if that’s still the case. I suppose I’ll see when I haul it all to Jita.


[35/50] The changes to the skill queue system are not that new any more, but it still surprises me to see when I have 139 days worth of skills queued up. Right now I’m working on shield emission systems, mostly because of the reduced capacitor need for shield emission system modules. I have a bunch of ‘reduce capacitor need’ skills in the queue right now, my Tengu fit isn’t stable – though it doesn’t need to be because I rarely have everything active at once, still the longer I can keep it running, the better. Once I’m done with those skills (is anyone ever really ‘done’) I’ll go back to my production / mining skills, and toss a few more drone skills in there just because.

For me, EVE is a very calm game. I know that isn’t always the case, especially with so much PVP built into it – but as a PVE player, I adore it. You just have to remember not to get too attached to your thinks.

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