The Tickle of WoW


[41/50] It has been a while since I played WoW in any capacity. I let my account lapse a few months ago and moved on to other games. I really haven’t enjoyed the past few expansions, and actually spent most of my time going back and doing old raids more than anything else.


[42/50] The lure to play is still there. I really enjoyed pet battles and I really liked going back through older content. The problem was (and always has been for me) garrisons. Splitting the population into these instanced homes where no one ever talks to or sees another actual person in the game world. With the ability to access brokers, bankers, and crafting, there was no reason for me to step outside and mingle or interact with anyone else and I absolutely did not enjoy logging in simply to do my garrison quests out of obligation. I’ve never belonged to a very active guild, and it feels like it would be too late in the game to get involved these days. Plus I’m pretty particular when it comes to guilds, finding one that’s a good fit (both for me and them) is a long process.


[43/50] I’ve resisted the call so far, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Legion has some exciting things coming with it, and I was tempted to pre-order because the level 100 boost could come in handy (I already have a few level 100 characters, so I’ve seen the content) but if I’m not even playing there’s no reason to get it RIGHT NOW and I’m sure I’ll still want it when we’re closer to release.


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