Missions, Missions, and more Missions


[44/50] EVE Online is probably one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. Pair that with the amazing soundtrack, and it’s no wonder I can relax so easily while playing. I’ve been working on fixing my Caldari State faction, which is really not an exciting task, but I need to get it done so that my R&D agents keep working with me.


[45/50] Working missions does send me out to some pretty beautiful locations.


[46/50] Now all I need to do is figure out what ship I want to work towards next. Maybe a drake? I prefer building the ships myself when that’s possible, but I haven’t really looked at what I want to fly since I obtained the Tengu. Or maybe instead of any of that I’ll start mining again, it has been ages since I’ve really done that, which tempts me to start up my second account. I do have a plex just sitting around collecting dust.


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