Some people really like managing money, even in video games. Me? I worry enough about money concerns in my day to day life, when it comes to video games keeping track of what I can afford and what I have to hold back on is something I rarely devote any time to. As games age of course inflation happens. People who have been around for a while earn more money, quest rewards are greater, etc.

The economy was already pretty established when I started playing EverQuest, but since I started EverQuest 2 when it released I was able to keep up with the economy changes pretty well. Until I took my breaks, of course. Yesterday when I was leveling up my brand new zerker I was watching an action going on – and the bids were over 30,000 plat for a single item. There’s one major reason that stands out for me as one of the causes for this increase. Loyalty tokens used to reward 75p for 5 tokens, and a subscriber would get 2 tokens every day if they completed the daily objectives. That reward has been changed to 500 plat, in itself not an enormous change since it affects everyone – but the 12 year veteran reward, well that’s 375 tokens. That’s a lot of plat if you decide to spend your tokens on coin bags.

It’s no surprise that I’m seeing things for sale on the broker for hundreds of thousands of plat.

It’s comfortable to be back in EQ2. I’m even debating picking up their latest expansion even though I haven’t completed the previous one yet. Then of course there’s the decision of who to play. My current characters include (feel free to friend):

  • Stargrace – 96 defiler / 100 tailor
  • Milay – 10 berserker
  • Minxes – 91 ranger / 95 armorer
  • Petites – 95 inquisitor / 95 jeweler
  • Jacquotte – 95 swashbuckler / 95 weaponsmith
  • Arysh – 91 warden / 95 woodworker
  • Seduit – 95 illusionist / 95 provisioner
  • Ellithia – 95 dirge / 95 alchemist
  • Ishbel – 95 coercer / 95 carpenter
  • Seduisant – 95 shadowknight / 95 sage

All located on the Antonia Bayle server. I’m debating between the dirge, coercer, shadowknight, and defiler because those are my preferred classes, but I’m much more likely to just play whoever interests me in the heat of the moment. On that note, I managed to ding the guild 79, too. That’s a huge accomplishment considering I’m the only one active in the guild, and we were only ever a guild of three people to begin with. Took some time, of course, but I’m still really glad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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