The Road to Level 100


Originally I had planned on playing my defiler, Stargrace, on the Antonia Bayle server. Of course I never follow plans and instead I played the illusionist, Seduit, that I have over on Maj’Dul. She was level 95 and I hadn’t even set foot into Altar of Malice (let alone the latest expansion) so I began with that. Questing was slow. Really slow. I can understand why people prefer to group elsewhere. Over the course of the weekend I did manage to level to 97, so that’s nice but I’m not sure if I have the patience to continue on with that method. I’ve been debating grinding out the levels in another zone (skyshrine comes to mind, though I understand that place is typically still packed) or maybe just going through older content. Thankfully there are options.

I also reached 98 provisioner by completing the Altar of Malice quest chain. I was contemplating grinding writs to reach 100 but decided against it because I don’t have a lot of spare resources right now. Doing the daily and weekly crafting quests should bump me to 100 before long.

Last but not least I started this character down the harvesting quest chain from the Isle of Mara. I’ve collected food items from the starter zones, antonica, and now I’m headed to Nektulos Forest and Thundering Steppes. It’s quite relaxing to be able to sit back and harvest, though I am eager to get it completed. I’ve been going through the giant list of tradeskill quests I want to get completed, it’s really amazing to see how many there are in the game when you’re looking at them in list format.

I don’t know anyone on Maj’Dul these days, but I continue to listen in on channels and I am enjoying the current population. Long term I hope to hit 100, continue to work on gear and spells, and maybe even be able to participate in a raid or two if I can find a guild that accepts alliances. I’m in a guild on my own and I don’t want to leave it because it compliments my play style, but I do like to participate in raids and other events. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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