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2015-12-12 234357

I had beta access to Trove for the longest time but never actually made it in-game to play. A few people have been talking about the game as being a ‘hidden gem’ so I decided to peek around this weekend some. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, and I’m still not really sure what to think. What I played around with was fun, but the world didn’t really appeal to me at the start. Of course it’s never fair to judge a game after only a few hours of playing but I will say that I earned enough of the in-game currency to unlock an awesome reindeer mount, which I loved.

The game is F2P with a subscription option as well as store options. I was playing as a free player and nothing stuck out at me as a “hey you must have a subscription!” point at the offset, and I appreciate that. A ‘why don’t you consider subscribing!’ screen did pop up once as I gated between worlds, but it wasn’t completely intrusive.

There are no traditional groups in Trove, instead those who are in proximity, get loot. A neat concept but one I wasn’t exactly prepared for. I leveled up a few levels and was just standing around outside of some giant fortress type dungeon and suddenly had a bunch of loot for no effort. That felt really weird.

Crafting is fun, and there are a TON of collection options. Graphic options for every single thing you could imagine. I figure there’s some pretty neat outfits out there that people probably want to get their hands on.

I also enjoyed playing the trickster quite a bit. I was able to shoot from a huge distance and take down most encounters before they were ever near me. If they did get near me I would blink away and call my illusions to fight the battle for me. In the lower levels as you go through the tutorial there’s a lot of hand holding and a lot of ‘place your house, craft this item, do this dungeon. Rinse. Repeat’ but I still had fun doing it.

I don’t know if I can safely say at this point whether I’ll be playing long term or if this was just a brief little afternoon excursion, but I DID see lots of players around no matter where I went, and that’s always a good thing.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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