Working Towards Flight


Things have settled into a nice routine in World of Warcraft. My ‘main’ character is still my priest, and while in the past I would spec her as a holy / shadow combination in Warlords holy is sort of .. not that great, so I’ve just been focusing on shadow and going with DPS. I ran all of the raids except the very last one over the course of the week / weekend, and got a few pieces of 685 gear, including a new staff. I upgraded the staff with valor, and next I’m going to try to get the flight ability because I really dislike running around, especially while everyone else is flying. There’s a very easy way to see what you still need for this achievement here. I need to complete ‘Securing Draenor’, Master Treasure Hunter, and Tanaan Diplomat. I’m going to try to get the treasure hunter portion done today since that’s pretty easy, just running around collecting treasures that are marked on my map, and then I’ll work on securing Draenor and Tanaan Diplomat.

I also have a level 100 paladin, and I have a retribution spec there but I’d also like to create a tanking spec and maybe give tanking a try. I’d rather do this with friends, so I may try to ping some over the weekend who are playing horde and see if anyone is brave enough to group with me. The paladin is just wearing 640 gear, so there’s a lot of upgrade potential.

Next up is my level 96 hunter. She’s been stalled there for quite some time. I’d like to reach at least level 98 because that’s when she can unlock the next part of her garrison. I tend to procrastinate and haven’t gotten anywhere with her in quite some time, though I do log in daily for crafting purposes.

Trailing behind is my 91 deathknight, and 90 monk. I have barely played either character since WoD released, though they do both have a garrison started. Once the hunter is at 100 I may start leveling them up, but I’m unsure. I’d also like a shaman, but mine is 97 and on the alliance side which I haven’t visited in quite a while, along with my warlock.

I certainly can’t say that there isn’t anything to do. Between leveling, questing, trying to get flight, and pet stuff alone my game schedule is nice and full. That doesn’t even take into account my ‘other’ interests like collecting pets, mounts, and recipes. I’m still delving into EQ2, EVE, Wurm Online, and even a steam single player game from time to time. It’s nice to be a gamer.

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