The No Pants Gaming Club

12-18-15_12-56-26 AM

My sim decided to host a club gathering at her home, and of course one of the activities everyone can do to earn club points is to set the house on fire bake together, which resulted in the neighbour setting the kitchen on fire. I actually miss having a fire department in Sims 4, it makes owning a fire alarm a bit silly. Instead of the department rushing over to put the fire out, you have to use your sim and select ‘extinguish’. Takes away a bit of the fun.

That being said, I’m having a lot of fun with clubs. I bought a few of the decorative items, set some outfits up, and basically created the no pants gaming club unintentionally. Then I decided to keep it that way. That’s right, in my club the ‘official’ uniform includes no pants, and gaming. Sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it?

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